Friday, February 11, 2011

A Big Day In Egypt

What a day in Egypt today. The Muslim world will never be the same. A demonstration of the power of the people, especially the young people was clearly demonstrated. For 18 days the people of Egypt took to the streets and said they had more than enough of the 30 year reign of dictator Mubarak . When the police attacked them, they stood firm. When thugs from the secret police attacked them, they stood firm. When Mubarak refused to leave the military did its true duty to the people of its nation and told him if he did not resign and leave, the military leadership would en mass take off their uniforms and stand with the people. I commend the people of Egypt for their strength, bravery, and resolve. I also commend the Egyptian Military for recognizing its true duty was to the people of its nation. Now if they go through with their promise to hold free and fair elections and set up a democratic government, they will join the heroes of all time. What will make this even more interesting is after Tunisia, and now Egypt, what will happen in so many other Arab nations where more dried up greedy old men hold power by force. We can only hope.

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